Stand Alone Inventory Control

Barcode Scanner Hardware

Does your organization struggle with losing money because of misplaced assets? Whether you are tracking installation equipment or laboratory supplies, proper asset management is essential for keeping costs low and having items on hand when needed. Most organizations start out tracking their assets in an Excel spreadsheet or in a small item-tracking program. While these options are inexpensive, they provide only the most basic of features and aren’t capable of handling much data.

Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse are the most feature-rich, affordable asset management system for organizations of all sizes that are looking to track an unlimited number of assets. Many well-known organizations, including universities, the U.S. military and even NASA, rely on the power and accuracy of Fishbowl to track their assets.

Fishbowl allows you to track items based on your industry and needs. If you want to track items by serial number or barcode, the wireless integration is ready for you. If you need to track items by lot number or department, you can do that, too. You also have the ability to subdivide your offices or warehouses and track items across multiple locations.

Not only are the most-desired tracking features available in Fishbowl, but so are the abilities to monitor item levels and create reports based on custom needs. Fishbowl lets you see your items at a glance in order to prevent asset loss.

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