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Cannabis Inventory Management

The legal cannabis market brings new business opportunities but is fraught with legal complexities. Fishbowl provides clear inventory controls, vital record keeping, and product traceability from end to end.

Functionality for FDA Compliance – Fishbowl gives your business the tools you need to meet your requirements. Audits, lot and serial number traceability, expiration date tracking, handling yields, and more.


Growers, producers, and retailers can enjoy the following features through Fishbowl's integration with METRC:

  • Manage a variety of plants and harvests across multiple locations.
  • Transfer plants from one location to another within one facility or between multiple facilities.
  • Batch update METRC from Fishbowl.
  • Track the progress of plants through the growth cycle.
  • Use bills of materials and work orders to manufacture finished goods.
  • Manage and track unused plant and package tags.
  • Generate detailed reports on many aspects of your inventory and operations.
  • Harvest plants into packaged products.
  • Always keep your inventory and accounting records in sync.

Download the Fishbowl METRC integration PDF here, or get the latest information on the availability of Fishbowl's METRC integration by emailing or calling (800) 774-7085 ext. 1.

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