Canadian QuickBooks users, Fishbowl now offers a software version specifically designed for you. The Canadian version of Fishbowl integrates with Canadian tax codes, uses the Canadian dollar as its home currency and lets you set line-item taxes on sales orders and purchase orders.

Learn more about Fishbowl Canada’s inventory control features by downloading a PDF.

Fishbowl offers multi-currency conversion, seamless QuickBooks integration, and many other tools to help you manage your inventory.

FISHBOWL’S MULTI-CURRENCY CAPABILITIES: Multi-currency is a must-have feature if you have vendors or customers in the U.S. or any other country. Fishbowl offers multi-currency functionality, making it simpler to place international orders and convert all costs and revenues into Canadian dollars. This is a huge time saver, especially when it comes to keeping your accounting records accurate. Learn more »

FISHBOWL AND QUICKBOOKS INTEGRATION: Fishbowl, combined with QuickBooks, gives you the resources you need to grow your business at a healthy pace while also cutting costs. QuickBooks is among the most popular accounting software solutions for Canadian small and midsize businesses. It integrates with Fishbowl, giving you the most affordable solution for accounting and inventory management. Learn more »

FISHBOWL'S SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Fishbowl offers a straightforward customer-satisfaction guarantee. After buying our software, as long as you participate in a valid in-house or on-site training session, you can get a full refund for the software purchase for up to 60 days if you are not satisfied with it. Learn more »

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