Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee

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Fishbowl’s Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee

We know that Fishbowl customers who are properly trained have a 92% satisfaction rating. Maybe that’s why we’re the #1 inventory solution for QuickBooks® users.

Our guarantee is straightforward. If you buy our software, plus a qualifying on-site training or in-house training, we’ll give you 60 days after training to put our software through the ringer. If after 60 days you are not satisfied, we’ll refund 100% of the cost of your software purchase. Now that’s confidence.

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If you’re looking at other inventory solutions, ask them if they will match our guarantee. We’ll be really surprised if they do. We offer a robust, best-in-class solution that will give you the competitive advantage you’re looking for. We are so positive about our solution we’ll. . . well. . . put our money where our mouth is!

Terms and Conditions of Fishbowl’s Satisfaction Guarantee

Fishbowl provides a satisfaction guarantee to all customers subject to the following conditions:

Customer must purchase and complete one of the two following training options:

  • Onsite Training. Customer must purchase a minimum two (2) day training to be conducted at customer’s facility.
  • In-house Training. This is a two (2) day training held at the Fishbowl facility in Orem, Utah. Customers purchasing nine (9) or fewer user licenses must send at least two of customer’s employees for training. Customers purchasing ten (10) or more user licenses must send a minimum of one additional employee for every ten (10) user licenses purchased.

All training must be conducted by an employee of Fishbowl.

In order for the above described training options to qualify for the Fishbowl Satisfaction Guarantee, the training must be purchased either at the time of initial software purchase or within thirty (30) days from the date of initial software purchase. Regardless of the training option selected, all training must be completed within 180 days from the date the training is purchased.

Customers electing to purchase one of the two (2) approved trainings must actively use the Fishbowl software for 60 days after the final day of training. Following the expiration of the 60-day satisfaction guarantee period, customers will have (30) days to return the software in accordance with the previously stated return policy (section 1.3 of Order Form and Sales Agreement). The satisfaction guarantee is limited to software purchased from Fishbowl and specifically excludes all services, training, and hardware purchased from Fishbowl.

Training Details

For additional questions about Fishbowl Training, please call 800.774.7085 Option #3.
For general Satisfaction Guarantee questions, please call 800.774.7085 Option #2.

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