SaaS Inventory Management

More and more companies are moving to the cloud, and many of them prefer a SaaS inventory management system, as opposed to an in-house server or desktop version. This is the trend with most business technology these days, because cloud-based inventory management systems have significant benefits. Let’s take a look at the benefits a business should consider when comparing SaaS and more traditional desktop inventory management solutions.

Anytime Access to Data

Because your data can be accessed via the Internet or through your cell phone network, you can also access this information on any device. You can check your inventory stock levels and keep tabs on upcoming re-order points, the status of shipments, and many other important things. With this, you’re trading control over your data for accessibility anywhere. Some may say you lose some data security as well, but this is debatable as cloud solutions may have just as good, if not better, security than in-house systems. You can mitigate security issues by avoiding public WiFi hotspots and only sticking to a personal data plan. In addition, you can set up user rights to limit the access that each user can gain to sensitive information, and track changes made by users in the system.

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More Affordable

Larger companies often want the benefit of keeping their data in-house, but this can come at a hefty price. Desktop/server systems can be very expensive to run and maintain. In addition to the hardware and software systems, you would need a technician on-site to keep everything running without suffering downtime and solving unforeseen problems, which always come up eventually. If you consider these costs against the monthly cost of a SaaS solution, it’s usually significantly more affordable.

Seamless Updates

Cloud-based software allows for instant updates for all customers since the developers have control over the servers. This is a huge benefit as the developers will likely update the system on a continual basis. They can fix bugs, add new functionality, integrate with other systems, and much more. This gives them a flexibility that legacy solutions simply can’t match. Software has become fluid and is always changing – it’s no longer a static CD installation.

More Integrations

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a full business automation platform that could do everything your business needed? It would be exhausting and impractical for developers to create something like this, but there’s actually no need to do it. Why create something from scratch when you can just integrate with an existing system that’s already running successfully? This is the beauty of having software integrations with related tools. You can integrate your sales software, accounting system, time management system, shipping solution, and much more with each other. You can potentially automate your whole business through a single business hub.

Boxstorm is a SaaS inventory management solution that allows you to automate many aspects of the inventory management process, and it integrates with QuickBooks Online to handle the accounting side. It’s a robust solution at an affordable monthly price Click here to take Boxstorm for a test drive with a free trial.


Inventory management software offered on a SaaS basis means that it is available through an Internet connection on virtually any mobile or desktop device. This gives a number of benefits to companies, including:

  • Access to inventory data anytime
  • Affordability compared to traditional software
  • Seamless software updates
  • Customizations and integrations

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