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Key Benefits of Fishbowl

  • Advanced Inventory Management

    Fishbowl provides powerful inventory management software features to help your business manage multiple warehouses, track shipments, automatically reorder products, generate barcodes, and much more.

    Fishbowl helps you:

    •   Dramatically speed up the receiving process.
    •   Track products on their way to customers.
    •   Create auto reorder points for every item in your warehouse.
    •   Integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks, Xero, Magento, and other solutions.
  • Seamless QuickBooks Integration

    Fishbowl integrates with every version of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Online. By itself, QuickBooks doesn't meet most companies' inventory management needs, such as barcoding, part tracking, and multiple locations. Fishbowl fills in those gaps, and much more.

    Fishbowl's Integration with QuickBooks:

    •   Works with all versions of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Online.
    •   Instantly updates inventory and accounting records.
    •   Increases data accuracy by eliminating double data entry.
    •   Lets users keep using the accounting software they're familiar with.
  • Order Management Made Easy

    Fishbowl keeps orders flowing smoothly in and out. Fishbowl's order management features let you set auto reorder points for parts and products, create sales and purchase orders, track shipments to their destinations and much more.

    Fishbowl's Order Management Features Let You:

    •   Quickly receive product into your warehouse.
    •   Track shipments to their destination.
    •   Set up automatic reorder points for parts and products.
    •   Pick, pack and ship products to customers, and more.
  • In-Depth, Advanced Reports

    Generate reports on everything in Fishbowl. Fishbowl's reporting features create barcodes, organize sales and inventory data into detailed graphs, forecast future inventory needs, and more.

    Here's a sample of Fishbowl's Reports:

    •   Adjustment Report – Find recent updates Fishbowl has made in QuickBooks.
    •   Gross Sales by Product or Salesperson – Identify which products and salespeople are performing the best.
    •   Turnover Bar Graph or Pie Chart – See the number of times you've sold all of your inventory in a year.

Key Inventory Management Features:

QuickBooks IntegrationFishbowl syncs with QuickBooks and increases accuracy in your accounting, inventory and data entry records.

Inventory ManagementSet automatic reorder points, create pick tickets, track parts using a number of criteria, and more.

Multiple LocationsTransfer goods between locations and run reports to identify sales trends on a per-location basis.

Order ManagementKeep orders flowing smoothly in and out, set auto reorder points, create sales/purchase orders and more.

Part TrackingUse lot numbers, serial numbers, revision numbers, expiration dates and other criteria to track parts.

Pick, Pack, and ShipFishbowl integrates with UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL and lets you compare shipping methods and pricing.

Barcode ScanningPrint a variety of barcodes for you products, use Fishbowl Go to turn your smartphone into a barcode scanner.

Multi-CurrencyCurrency conversion for tax and accounting purposes. Create sales and purchase orders in any currency.

Sales & PurchasingCreate and save sales orders for future use, assign price tiers to groups and turn price quotes into sales orders.

Advanced ReportingFishbowl has hundreds of reports that do everything from generating barcodes to forcasting future sales and quantities.

Trusted by High-Profile Companies

Many high-profile brands use Fishbowl to improve their production processes. Fishbowl can help businesses of any size manage their inventory.

Integrations with dozens of business solutions

Fishbowl integrates with the most popular business solutions make managing your inventory easier.