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Four reasons you should use Fishbowl Warehouse:

  • #1 FOR QUICKBOOKS Fishbowl Warehouse is the #1 selling warehouse management solution for QuickBooks users.
  • MULTIPLE LOCATIONS Manage inventory levels in multiple warehouses and quickly transfer items between them.
  • AUTO REORDERS You can set up automatic reorder points so you'll never run out of products.
  • SOFTWARE INTEGRATIONS Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks, Salesforce, UPS Ready, and many other solutions.

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If you buy and/or sell products in more than one currency, you can easily convert sales and purchase orders into your home currency with Fishbowl's multi-currency functionality.


Create, print, and scan barcodes with Fishbowl's software and hardware. Barcodes speed up every inventory process and ensure accuracy when ordering and receiving products.


Fishbowl uses detailed warehouse maps and mobile devices to speed up the picking and packing process. Also, Fishbowl works with all major shippers, including USPS, FedEx, and UPS.


Keep track of all the parts in your warehouse(s) so you'll know when to reorder them. Fishbowl also lets you track the cost of every part in a product, which helps you find its total cost.

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