Fishbowl Hosted Services

fishbowl hosted services™ is the ultimate server solution that's easy on cash flow

Don't waste time and money trying to keep up with advancing server and security technology. Focus on growing your business, and let Fishbowl's U.S.-based solution host your server and take care of associated IT issues. We are so confident in our hosted solution, we require no long-term contracts.

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why waste your valuable time or leave yourself open to security risks when fishbowl hosted services is here to help?

The monthly, no-contract price is easy on cash flow. Check out some of the other features and benefits of Fishbowl Hosted Services below.

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Fishbowl Pre-Installed and Ready to Run

With Fishbowl Hosted Services, you don't have to be an IT expert. We install the latest version of Fishbowl Warehouse® or Fishbowl Manufacturing® on your hosted server for you. All you do is log in and start using your software. It's that easy.

Fishbowl Upgrades Ready When You Are

When you are ready to upgrade to future versions of Fishbowl, let your Account Executive know and we'll take care of it for you. You'll discover the biggest benefit of hosted services is the time and money you save on IT issues.

Readily Available Backups

Your system will be backed up daily. Fishbowl offers full disaster recovery replication of your files to an offsite location. That way, you never have to worry about data being lost in a computer crash or any other unforseen event.

Enterprise-Level Security

We use cutting-edge security to ensure our servers are always up and protected, including advanced biometric scanners to restrict access to authorized personnel only.

Save Time and Money

Staying current on the best server and security technology is a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Leave the IT work to the pros at Fishbowl Hosted Services. Trying to do your own IT is expensive. Hosting with Fishbowl costs considerably less while offering the support and extra value you need. Fishbowl lets you benefit from the best technologies on the market by staying current on them so you don't have to.

Simplify Your IT Requirements

Fishbowl Hosted Services saves you the costs of an internal IT department by providing support for all of your IT requirements. Plus, Fishbowl Hosted Services can scale indefinitely with the growth of your business.

Easy Access

Securely gain remote access to your server from any location via SSD/Flash storage. There's no need to use hybrid or near-line drives. You just need a computer with Internet access. Your office can now go wherever you go.

Microsoft Excel Pre-Installed

Hosting and software combined into one package. You'll have the current operating system (Windows 2019) and Microsoft Excel already installed on your server. Users can access this software from any location with Internet access.

Security, Accessibility and Simplicity

As this diagram illustrates, Fishbowl Hosted Services gives you N+N Datacenter-level redundancy and state-of-the-art security. With the added benefit of having FBM or FBW installed on your virtual server, using Fishbowl core products is just a login away. What could be more convenient for you and your business!

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