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Manufacturers can use a production scheduling system to automate many processes and run more efficiently. Fishbowl Manufacturing®’s robust inventory management software provides this functionality so manufacturers can manage order entry and production forecasting, resource planning, production scheduling, and order fulfillment.

A production scheduling system helps in these areas:

1. Order Entry and Production Forecasting

  • Eliminate duplicate orders
  • Estimate turnaround times based on capacity
  • Forecast orders by customer and due date

2. Resource Planning

  • Forecast labor resource requirements and machine production capacity
  • Labor planning: employee shifts, breaks, rosters, skills, teams, cost calculations, and more
  • Lower production costs
  • Raw material planning requirements

3. Production Scheduling

  • Production scheduling based on priority assigned to each order
  • Automated job tracking and production reporting

4. Order fulfillment

  • Reallocate production and resources across different machines and processing areas
  • Improved customer service and delivery time

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