Shipping is a critical part of your sales process, and our customers tell us that they love the integrated UPS features that come standard with the Fishbowl software. However, if your business needs additional shipping flexibility – like being able to check rates and schedules from multiple carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS) – that’s available, too! Look no further than these great Fishbowl Partners. These additional integrations will really deliver!

Tarabyte Solutions (Integrated)

We can help you eliminate many of the manual tasks associated with shipping your products by integrating Fishbowl with shipping management packages such as ShipWorks. Imagine automatically creating shipping labels for all major shippers such as FedEx, USPS, UPS, automating tasks, scheduling everyday jobs and more.

Integrated Shipping Solutions

Have you ever wondered if you were using the absolute best shipping carriers for your organization’s specific needs? Are you receiving the very best discounts, incentives and services available? Integrated Shipping Solutions provides consulting, analytics, management, negotiations & optimization for all modes of transportation - Parcel, LTL, TL, Air, Ocean, Domestic and International.

ISS is comprised of Executives & Analysts formerly employed by Carriers, and has analyzed, negotiated, and optimized thousands of supply chains. As Transportation Consultants, ISS leverage's years of industry experience for your benefit.

As a Fishbowl customer, you're eligible for a free, unbiased and objective expert evaluation of your current transportation program. Unlike other 3PL models, ISS doesn’t simply analyze and advise; when it comes to Supply Chain optimization, they perform 90% of the work allowing clients to maintain focus over critical daily operations. Should you choose to take advantage of potential savings identified through your free audit, ISS only gets paid from your real savings, so there's no risk.

ISS will assist you with all implementations and transitions. ISS will draft your supporting documents and perform staff trainings, and act as a resource throughout the entire engagement. You'll receive on-going analytics on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis, constantly looking for ways to further reduce your expenses and improve your service levels.

Call your Fishbowl representative today at 1-800-774-7085 ext. 3 and ask for a customer referral to Integrated Shipping Solutions so you can get started!

VA Partners (Integrated)

VA Partners create reports, customize programs, implement full-scale business intelligence tools, and more. They help you figure out what you need and how it needs to be done, and then they make it for you and provide full support. They have deep technology understanding, fast turnaround, and solid consulting and support. That’s why when people come to them, they stay with them for years.

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