Online Inventory Management

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Using software to track all of your inventory items is a necessity in today’s ever-changing retail and wholesale industries. And with the advancement of technology, many inventory systems are moving to the cloud, or where the actual database is stored on the Internet (servers) as opposed to in-house machines. Is this a good move for your company? Let's find out by exploring the pros and cons of online inventory management solutions.

Here are the pros and cons of having an online inventory management system:


Ability to access system anywhere – Because the actual system will be stored on third-party servers through the Internet, your inventory system can be accessed from virtually anywhere. This provides a great deal of convenience and flexibility. Using a service, such as Boxstorm, allows to you to access your data via any mobile device as well.

Data preservation – With software installed on your computer, you’re at the mercy of your machine. If your computer fails then you could lose all of your data, if it’s not backed up properly. The beauty of cloud-based software is that it relies on advanced server infrastructure instead of your own machines. Most server-based solutions frequently back up their data. If your computer breaks, you can still access your inventory database from another device. Cloud-based solutions have become much more secure, reliable, and resistant to security breaches.


Relying on third-party infrastructure – The server infrastructure, though usually more reliable than the other option, can still malfunction. Some companies prefer to house their own systems to keep complete control over their hardware and data. This can cost significantly more with server costs and security engineers, but the proprietary security and control can be worth it to some companies.

Data not 100% secure – Data is not guaranteed safety at a data center; hacks and other problems can still happen. But that’s true of virtually any location where data is stored. Some companies prefer to house their own data and put their own security measures in place.

Boxstorm has stayed at the forefront of cloud solutions, and it integrates with QuickBooks Online. This keeps both your accounting and inventory management data in sync and accessible from anywhere.


Boxstorm is available from anywhere and on any device with Internet access, thanks to it being a lightweight solution. Despite being such a lean system, it packs the power and functionality any small business would need to manage inventory efficiently.

  • Because Boxstorm is accessible via Web browser, there’s nothing to download or run.
  • You can use the entirety of the system's functionality on all major Web browsers and all mobile devices.
  • Boxstorm’s barcoding capabilities make it so that what’s on the shelves matches exactly what’s in your system. Have your entire warehouse at your fingertips.
  • You can gain access to all of the warehouse management features in Boxstorm on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or virtually any other device.

If you are looking for an online inventory management solution, take Boxstorm for a test drive by creating a Free Account with Boxstorm. It's easy to get started, and it will never cost you anything to use Boxstorm Forever Free!


What are the pros and cons of managing your inventory online? You gain the ability to access data anywhere, but it means relinquishing some control of your IT infrastructure and data security. Once you weigh these positives and negatives, you can decide if it’s right for your business.

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