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Fishbowl offers an array of wireless barcode scanners and printers to help you organize your warehouse and improve productivity. All of these products are from industry-leading brands and are ready to integrate with other Fishbowl products. Fishbowl offers a variety of inventory management hardware to fulfill all your barcode-scanning needs.

Barcode Scanners

Fishbowl offers many hardware choices to use in conjunction with Fishbowl Go. Although Fishbowl Go can work on any handheld device that meets the specific requirements, Fishbowl offers a few recommendations.

Barcode Tablets

Would you like to use a tablet in the warehouse, but you’re worried if it can handle the wear and tear? We have a solution: Use a rugged tablet that is designed specifically for durability in fast-paced warehouse environments. Recommended tablets.

Barcode Printers

Fishbowl comes ready to print barcodes using Avery 8160 Labels, but for greater quantity versatility, speed, and performance, we suggest purchasing one of the recommended printers.

Network Devices

To ensure your barcode scanners sync with Fishbowl from anywhere in your warehouse, we recommend using one of these plug-and-play access point devices that provide Wi-Fi connectivity. Recommended access points.

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