ITBusinessEdge: No Shame in Application Downsizing

October 13, 2009

By Michael Vizard on October 13, 2009

Just like people trying to cope with a drop in income, corporations these days are downsizing their corporate lifestyles. In the context of enterprise applications, that usually means moving downstream from an expensive ERP solution from companies such as SAP and Oracle to something more modest from Microsoft or Sage. And in the context of smaller companies, that may mean downsizing from Microsoft or Sage to a QuickBooks application from Intuit.

In fact, while it represents a sizable undertaking to downsize from SAP or Oracle, companies such as Fishbowl report they are seeing a lot of movement back to the QuickBooks platform. Fishbowl makes among other things, an inventory-management system that extends the familiar QuickBooks accounting software paradigm.

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