Fishbowl's CAM Foundation Offers Scholarship in Australia

April 2, 2012

CAM Foundation, Fishbowl and Certiport team up to offer software training to underserved individuals in Australia

OREM, Utah, April 2, 2012 – Fishbowl ( recently accepted a one-year Adobe scholarship donated by Certiport to the Courage Above Mountains (CAM) Foundation. Fishbowl, in keeping with their global initiative to create worldwide learning engagements, will award the scholarship to an Australian applicant in early spring.

“Fishbowl recognizes and believes in the value of Certiport’s certification programs,” said Mary Michelle Scott, Fishbowl President. “The validation of skills creates meaningful career opportunities. We are grateful to Certiport for partnering in our effort to educate and uplift individuals who would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn relevant and essential skills for the workplace.”

Over the past year, the CAM Foundation has offered computing training and certification courses to participants who are ready to learn self-sustaining business skills through the Utah Valley University National Science Foundation grant. Thanks to Certiport’s generosity, the CAM Foundation is able to expand the program to encompass more people.

U.S.-based Fishbowl leaders recently returned from a trip to Australia where they spread their CAM initiatives to a new continent. Before they left, Certiport granted the CAM Foundation the one-year Adobe scholarship to assist in their efforts. While there, the Fishbowl USA leaders met with the leaders of the newly formed Fishbowl Australia and discussed ways they could give back to the global community.

“Just like in the U.S., the students of the CAM Foundation in Australia will greatly benefit from the generosity of the mentoring companies,” said Simon Jupe, Managing Director of Fishbowl Australia. “The Australian program will focus on assisting the individuals who are the first in their families to pursue a college education.”

Fishbowl USA and Certiport will provide online training tools to up to 500 individuals over the next year through one centralized location to be selected by Fishbowl Australia. The training will be conducted via Adobe Connect and U.S. CAM Foundation scholarship students will participate as mentors to the Australian school’s participants. The CAM Center will also offer an opportunity for Australian schools to connect with the UVU NSF Navajo programs to share educational learning opportunities.

“Certiport is dedicated to helping as many individuals as possible around the globe excel and succeed through industry-recognized certification,” said Jim Holm, Certiport Executive Vice President. “Working with Fishbowl on this scholarship is a natural fit for our goals, and we know the Adobe Certified Associate license will help to build tangible technology skills in Australia.”

Fishbowl, Certiport, and other leading industry partners created the CAM Center as a business incubator to support entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses. The CAM Center is the home of the CAM Foundation, its social responsibility arm, which offers training and certification classes to underserved individuals in Utah, the Navajo Nation and Australia.

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