American Public Media's The Story - Fishbowl Inventory

October 3, 2012

October 3, 2012
By David K. Williams

Listen to the interview with David Williams:

Fishbowl is a different kind of company with a unique story. In this radio program, we share our dramatic history and how we’ve become not only a great company to work for but a great asset to our community.

This is not a business story about a company in trouble, or about a decision to ship jobs overseas. This is a story about a businessman who was asked to shut down a company. Instead, David Williams turned Fishbowl, an inventory software provider, into a company with more than 70 percent in growth this year.

Music in this show: "Lookout for Hope" by Jerry Douglas; "Acoustic Electric" by William Pasley; and "Parchman Blues" by Tangle Eye.

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