8 Tips to Future-Proof Your Business During Uncertain Times

March 31, 2020

8 Tips to Future-Proof Your Business During Uncertain Times

OREM, Utah, March 31, 2020 — Though the way we conduct business has drastically changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, this time provides an opportunity for small business owners to quickly and proactively future-proof their business by automating inventory processes. Fishbowl ®, the #1 inventory management solution for QuickBooks users, provides eight tips to help automate your business to exit this uncertain time better than before.

  1. Implement accurate, flexible, cost-saving inventory software now. A strong economy can hide a myriad of mistakes but implementing inventory software now will eliminate costly human error.
  2. Utilize existing staff resources to clean up and prepare data. Staff restricted from doing their standard roles, can utilize their time on the data to make a move to your new solution.
  3. Tighten up your inventory control. Optimize your receiving processes, record actual landed costs, correct discrepancies on the spot for live inventory updates, and implement an accurate “pick-pack-ship” workflow.
  4. Adjust your reorder points. If you already have inventory software, check if you can set or adjust your automatic reorder points. Allow for the increase or decrease in demand for your products; look at your supplier lead times and adapt reorder points accordingly.
  5. Perform cycle counts. Conduct spot checks or cycle counts on your inventory. Use barcode scanning to do it quickly and accurately. Ensure stock levels are correct to best serve your customers.
  6. Revisit dormant customers Look at which customers have not ordered recently. Call to see if they need their stock replenished.
  7. Manage payment terms. Make sure you’re getting paid on time so you can pay your suppliers, cover expenses, and get more stock.
  8. If you are a manufacturer, build sub-assemblies. Build sub-assembled components to get a head start on the manufacturing process.

“Businesses who respond now can be even stronger when things return to normal,” said John David King, CEO of Fishbowl. “Now is the time to think about how to quickly prepare to be substantially more efficient in the coming months.”

The inventory experts at Fishbowl can provide the know-how needed to future-proof your business today. Fishbowl provides:

  • Very flexible financing options to allow automation implementation now with minimal impact to cash flow.
  • Expert consultation about your business needs to help you gain control of your inventory.
  • Resources to help get you set up fast with an assigned experienced implementer.
  • Safe and highly efficient virtual on-site training that is quick to schedule.
  • Fishbowl Hosted Services ®, make it easy to manage operations from any location, especially now when people are working from home.

For more information about Fishbowl and how to future-proof your business, schedule a personalized demo and consultation now.

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