Music Inventory Software

Music Inventory Software

Music has the power to bridge cultures and fill the gap between generations. Classical music can soothe the soul and calm a troubled mind. Jazz music can tickle the ears and get a person’s foot tapping to the beat. And many other musical genres and styles have their own unique sounds that speak more eloquently than words can describe.

For your music business or organization, be it manufacturing, distribution, retail, or asset tracking, Fishbowl can keep you humming along to the right tune. Let’s sing the praises of music inventory software as we explore how it can help your business succeed in many areas, including the following ones.


Optimum Inventory + Prompt Service = Happy Customers. It is a simple formula, but it is absolutely essential to a strong business. Having the right products on hand in the right quantities allows you to please your customers while also improving your bottom line.

  • Point of Sale: Sales affect inventory counts in real time so that you always have a clear picture of your position.
  • Auto-Purchase: Set individual reorder points and cut stockouts practically out of existence.
  • Customer History: Track what’s popular, and know your buyers’ buying habits so you can plan ahead.
  • Drop Ship: Connect customers directly to suppliers.


Parts, raw materials, and kitting. Those are a few of the tools you need to properly manage a warehouse or many warehouses. And music inventory software gives you the following tools to make your job much easier in this department.

  • Print Barcodes: Generate custom SKU or rely on previous part information.
  • Wireless Device: Scan directly from unloading to delivery.
  • Part Tracking: Access information about parts of any size, across all of your locations.
  • Schedule: Monitor users, materials, and assignments within a central hub.


Access contacts, item availability, and purchase history. And that is just scratching the surface of all of the ways that you can use inventory management software to keep track of your many supplies.

  • Estimate: Build vendor reports, landed costs, and projected budgets.
  • Purchases: Track work orders across all stages of production to check their status.
  • Multi-location: Across the street or across state lines, track your products and other items in your inventory.
  • Multi-currency: Take advantage of global purchasing power and convert all incoming currencies on sales orders into your home currency.


Sold, leased, or serviced – you control your goods. Asset tracking allows you to maintain your equipment and make sure you always have all of the equipment and tools that you need to make your daily operations possible.

  • Manage: Assign users for equipment and customize work order instructions by user.
  • UPS Shipping Integration: Stay up to date with shipping and receiving. Plus, you can get shipping cost estimates and print shipping labels.
  • Maintain: Plot out necessary maintenance and reduce downtime due to breakdowns and other issues.
  • Monitor: Keep tabs on all equipment at any number of locations that you have inventory at.

Get a custom demo of Fishbowl Manufacturing or Fishbowl Warehouse to start enjoying these features and their attendant benefits. The greater productivity and streamlined processes will be music to your ears.

TL;DR Summary

Inventory software is a boon to the music business. It helps these companies across multiple avenues of their operations, such as:

  • Storefront
  • Warehouse
  • Supplies
  • Assets

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