Mobile Inventory Management

Fishbowl running on a tablet

What is Mobile Inventory Management?

Mobile Inventory Management is the process of monitoring and managing your inventory via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

What Are the Benefits?

Inventory management has changed a lot over the years. It was traditionally conducted manually with a pen and paper, but over time tools evolved to allow companies to manage their inventory in spreadsheets and, ultimately, by software. Tracking your products manually is practically an impossible task if you have more than 100 SKUs. Spreadsheets, whether they are on paper or in Excel, are a step up, but they don’t have real-time updates or additional capabilities of an inventory management system. These systems have traditionally been run via desktop, but now their capabilities can be utilized via smartphone or tablet.

Fishbowl Anywhere – A Mobile Inventory Management Solution

The most robust inventory management systems will have mobile capabilities built in so that warehouse managers and business owners can monitor their businesses on the go. They can take a snapshot of their inflows and outflows at any time and at any location, as long as their mobile devices are connected to some kind of network. It’s fair to ask: is it worth it to always be plugged in and have mobile access to your inventory management system? That kind of connectivity offers a big competitive advantage. This is what Fishbowl Anywhere does. It lets you access and manage your warehouse from any device that has an Internet connection. Anything that can be done in Fishbowl Warehouse, the robust desktop application, can be done on a mobile device.

Let’s explore the features of Fishbowl Anywhere and see how valuable they can be to your business.

Multiple Locations – If you’re shipping nationally or internationally, you likely have multiple warehouses and distribution points. You can view your inventory levels at any location instantly from your smartphone.

Inventory Management – Having immediate vision of your inventory levels allows you to prevent stockouts by staying on top of reorder points. The ability to see your inflow and outflow grants peace of mind. If you have a sudden influx of orders you need to be able to respond quickly, even if you’re not on site.

Order Management – You can track your orders and even issue purchase orders or sales orders from your phone. Be productive with routine warehouse tasks while you’re out on the road!

Manage Shipping – If you do need to receive orders and process them on the go, having real-time shipping updates is a huge convenience. Compare shipping rates from a variety of shippers and select the one you want right from the software interface without opening a separate Web browser.

Bill of Materials – A manufacturer won’t need to generate this list very often, but the capability is there if it ever needs to be done from a mobile device.

Reporting– This is perhaps the best feature of Fishbowl Anywhere. You can see any report instantly on your smartphone. You can view inventory levels, forecasting charts, and any other custom reports you may need. Having this data at your fingertips allow you to make smarter business decisions and have more accurate forecasting.

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