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Fishbowl is a perfect fit for the medical industry.

Inventory tracking and consignment selling: Fishbowl allows the user to define as many locations/hospitals/clinics as needed.  The user can consign inventory to specific hospitals, clinics or physicians and see at a glance all locations that have a given product.

Expiration dates: All time-sensitive products are listed in Fishbowl from oldest to most recent, at the various locations they are stored in.

Lot/Serial # tracking: Fishbowl will track lot and serial numbers for products sold or used in the manufacturing of another product. For recalls, Fishbowl will generate a report of purchasing clients and respective sales orders. If the recall affects a part used in manufacturing other parts, Fishbowl will list all the work orders and finished products that used that part.

Reorder points and Auto PO generation: Each product at each location can have its own reorder point and order-up-to level. Fishbowl allows you to run an auto-replenish report to quickly determine which products are needed at each hospital/clinic or physician's office.

Kitting: Each kit can be assigned its own name and pricing, but, if need be, the components of the kit can be sold individually.


  • Bill of materials, assemblies, and subassemblies: Fishbowl allows you to define a Bill of Materials with unlimited Assemblies and Subassemblies. Labor, overhead, and additional costs may also be included on the BOM as line items.
  • Work orders: Fishbowl's Work Order module allows you to Manufacture, Repair or Disassemble a product.
  • RMAs: Fishbowl’s advanced RMA functions include serial # tracking to distinguish a straight credit, a replacement, a repair, or if it's under warranty.

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