Material Inventory Software

material inventory software

You rely on your materials and supplies for steady production and distribution. Eliminate time wasted on audits, recounts, redundant data, and repetitive processes with the help of Fishbowl.

You will be able to cut costs and lower overhead with a number of helpful inventory management features in the software, such as:


  • Employ barcodes and even create product SKUs to track product locations, quantities, and more.
  • Track items straight off of the delivery truck all the way to the finished product going out the door.
  • Part information and location makes the process of cycling through products and perishables a breeze.
  • Eliminate those monthly material audits and get back to work by maintaining accurate inventory records.


  • Designate the necessary materials with their minimum stock level and assign vendors to them as well.
  • Create custom reorder points and the software will help you make purchases when stock gets too low.
  • Suggested vendor price breaks provide options for cutting overhead by ordering in bulk when appropriate.
  • Vendor histories and pricing offer choices to meet your needs, especially when one vendor is unavailable.


  • Incoming work orders reflect available inventory so that you won’t start an assembly job you can’t finish.
  • Plan estimated completion costs (including labor costs) to help with product pricing, and avoid surprises.
  • Assign specific workers to work orders and provide custom instructions to help them when necessary.
  • Projected completion dates, stage completion reports, and shipping options are available to assist you.


  • Use handheld mobile devices to track all of your inventory, place orders, and make updates as you like.
  • Move a single item or entire case lots from the palm of your hands by creating transfer orders and more.
  • Access your entire inventory by location so you can see which locations have surpluses and shortages.
  • Faster access to your materials means faster production times, and this leads to greater profit potential.


  • UPS features are built into the software, letting you see cost estimates, print shipping labels, and more.
  • Generate custom shipping quotes relative to the size and weight of the packages and the delivery speed.
  • Your software tracks shipping and receiving for customers and vendors so you can make sure they arrive.
  • Drop shipping is also accounted for so you can have someone else store and ship the products you sell.


  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks accounting software allows you to automatically transfer data to it.
  • Inventory, production, sales, and purchases are precisely stored in the accounting and inventory software.
  • There are a variety of reports relating to points of interaction, including customer, vendor, and equipment.
  • There is no more double data entry because data is automatically sent from Fishbowl to QuickBooks.

Use Fishbowl to keep a steady supply of materials coming into your warehouse and going out to your customers while eliminating downtime. As you put Fishbowl’s barcoding, auto purchase orders, work orders, mobile tracking, shipping, and accounting integration to use in your business, you will discover what a benefit it is!


Material inventory software allows companies to cut costs with the aid of these features:

  • Barcoding
  • Auto purchase orders
  • Work orders
  • Mobile tracking
  • Shipping
  • Accounting integration

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