Manufacturing Execution Software

Manufacturing is the process of turning raw materials into finished products. And manufacturing execution software helps to make that process run as smoothly as possible. There are many ways that this software accomplishes this feat. We will cover some of the main features that a solution like Fishbowl Manufacturing contains to allow you to execute your manufacturing in the most efficient manner possible.

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Fishbowl Manufacturing can handle a number of work order types. These include Standard, Reverse, Disassemble, Repair, and Custom work orders. Their names are pretty self-explanatory, but we can go ahead and define them anyway just so there is no confusion about what they are. Standard work orders are for simple assembly jobs using a bill of materials. Reverse work orders allow you to turn a bill of materials around and perform each step in reverse order to take apart a finished good. Disassemble work orders follow work orders in the opposite direction of the way that they would normally go. Repair work orders allow you to go in and repair or replace parts and other components in a finished good. And Custom work orders give you the ability to pick and choose assembly, disassembly, and repair tasks to add to the work order.


For complex manufacturing jobs that have multiple steps, bills of materials, and work orders, you can organize them with the aid of manufacture orders. Multiple work orders can be contained under a single manufacture order. This allows you to make sure that each work order gets completed in the right sequence so that nothing is done out of order and it all gets completed on a set schedule. You can save your work orders and bills of materials in the system so that they can be quickly and accurately recreated for future use down the line.


Going along with the previous section about manufacture orders, production stages are another way of saying that there are some kinds of manufacturing jobs that can’t be done in a single step. There may be a number of steps to them that must be completed in conjunction with each other to bring the final product into existence. With Fishbowl Manufacturing’s production stages, you can estimate the length of time that you can expect a specific stage to last until it is completed. You can also schedule stages to be completed so that you will be able to tell if you are on schedule or not. Assign specific users to each production stage to make sure everyone knows what they are responsible for. Do all of this and more from a centralized location in Fishbowl Manufacturing’s interface.


A bill of materials is an essential tool that is used in the execution of any manufacturing process. It is a list of all of the physical parts that go into a finished product. For a baker, it may be a recipe for a certain type of bread, cake, ice cream, entrée, or other kind of food they are preparing. For a chemist, it may be a formula for a specific type of chemical, with closely measured amounts of various chemicals to combine. The goal of a bill of materials is to standardize the manufacturing process and ensure that a high degree of quality is maintained in the finished goods as they are produced by different workers again and again, day after day, year after year.


Not only does Fishbowl Manufacturing facilitate the manufacturing of goods, but it also works with other business solutions to make this process even smoother. For example, it integrates with SolidWorks, an engineering solution, to help manufacturers to visualize the products they intend to create before they actually put them into production. Build 3-dimensional models on a computer screen to get an idea of what you are hoping to end up with, and then export the appropriate assembly files to Fishbowl Manufacturing. This will allow you to quickly generate a bill of materials that will be the first step in turning a theoretical concept into a reality.


Fishbowl’s manufacturing execution software allows you to generate and save work orders, manufacture orders, and bills of materials to take advantage of production stages and integration with SolidWorks.


Manufacturing software helps manufacturers execute many types of work orders and perform other key tasks to keep their operations running smoothly. Fishbowl Manufacturing offers the following features:

  • Manufacture orders
  • Production stages
  • Bill of materials
  • SolidWorks integration

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