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Your customers rely on your lumber goods and materials for their projects, and you rely on quality product to keep customers coming back. You can streamline your processes, reduce overhead, and achieve greater control of your business with Fishbowl. Let’s go through some of the inventory management and manufacturing features that Fishbowl includes so that you can see what it has to offer your business.


  • Track inventory by each item’s SKU, lot number, serial number, revision level, date modified, and other criteria.
  • Manage assets, tools, and equipment so that you know where they can be found and in what quantities.
  • Monitor all shipping, receiving, and on-hand stock from a central hub so that you can make sense of it all.


  • Maintain optimum stock levels at by measuring all sorts of inventory analytics and making sure you have enough items on hand without having too many.
  • Software automatically lets you know when to make purchases when inventory levels drop below a certain threshold that you set.
  • Keep customers satisfied with consistent material availability while also avoiding unnecessary carrying costs.


  • Generate automatic work orders that correspond with available inventory for a variety of jobs, including assembly, repair, disassembly, and custom manufacturing jobs.
  • Set custom purchase levels and pricing tiers per customer or customer group so that you can reward customer loyalty and provide other incentives to buy from you.
  • For large orders, integrated vendor stocks provide immediate availability to facilitate the manufacturing process.


  • Custom project cost estimation tools cut the guess work out of the production process so that you can accurately see what your total costs will be.
  • You can add landed costs to the total cost of goods sold so that you don’t forget about any costs, but you are able to take all expenditures into account.
  • Completion calculations keep you on schedule and on budget, and if anything goes wrong you can quickly spot it and correct it in the future.


  • Handheld mobile devices put detailed data about your inventory in the palm of your hand and they let you perform many complex warehouse management tasks.
  • Access all part and lot information without searching high and low on the shelves or in a labyrinthine inventory database.
  • Move, receive, ship, cycle count, and more all from a powerful handheld device that is wirelessly connected to your inventory solution.


  • Monitor equipment or machine reports and keep your tools running at optimum efficiency.
  • Track vendor and customer histories and stay current on prices, costs, and trends in case you need to make adjustments.
  • Take advantage of software-optimized price breaks for products and cut overhead.


  • Designed with QuickBooks in mind, Fishbowl Manufacturing does the syncing between the two solutions.
  • Access and manage all purchases, returns, sales, and taxes without the paper piles by digitizing those processes.
  • Generate up-to-date reports from year to year and track progress and areas of growth across the board.

Put all of the features listed above (plus many others) to work for you by signing up for a free trial of Fishbowl Manufacturing. By doing so, you will be able to dramatically improve your business processes and see impressive results.


There are a number of inventory management and manufacturing features that inventory software offers to companies in the lumber industry. These include:

  • Inventory management
  • Automatic reorder points
  • Work orders
  • Production projections
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Reports
  • Accounting integrations

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