Liquor Inventory Software


Producing and storing fine wines, distributing spirits domestically, and serving up your customers’ favorite drinks at a bar or other establishment all require a great deal of planning and solid strategy to successfully execute on a regular basis. Liquors of all varieties need to be properly bottled, shipped, and stored. And Fishbowl can help your business cut costs and lower your bottom line in many surprisingly helpful ways.

With Fishbowl’s manufacturing and warehouse management software, you can do the following tasks, which will combine to be a big boon to your business:


With barcode and wireless device integration, your inventory can be tracked and accounted for with greater ease than through a manual system. From production to receiving and delivery, you will be armed with part information and customizable reports to ensure the right products are manufactured and sent to their intended destinations in the appropriate quantities. Product cycles become much simpler to follow, cutting manual recounting and product waste down to a minimum.


From a distiller to an ice machine, you need to be able to account for all of the equipment that you rely on every day, whether it is in a single location or in several locations. You should also have the ability to monitor production reports and record performed maintenance on your equipment. Fishbowl provides a way to keep track of everything your business owns, sells, purchases, and maintains.


Your business has everyday necessities that need to be considered in order to keep your operations running smoothly. With the ability to create automatic reorder points, your supply on hand and your production schedule will no longer fall victim to exhausted stock. You decide the levels at which purchase orders will be automatically generated, and with trackable inventory, inventory management software helps you to quickly purchase all of your essential liquors and other items.


For purchases and orders, big or small, Fishbowl syncs your work across departments to reflect your inventory accurately. Track work orders in production stages, from beginning to end, with the ability to assign workers and instructions while also adding the costs involved with employees’ time and materials to the total cost of a product. Keep everyone on the same page and drastically cut wasted time.


Forget the paper calendar of yesteryear. Create a schedule with the ability to plan equipment usage and maintenance, generate instructions that your workers are to follow in the manufacturing process, track work order production stages and cost estimates, and even access upcoming shipments or deliveries. All of these features are found in Fishbowl Manufacturing.


What good is asset tracking unless your accounting books can keep up? Fishbowl seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks. In fact, it is the most requested inventory software solution for QuickBooks users. This integration between inventory and accounting solutions means no more double data entry, no more juggling multiple programs – just fast, efficient tracking and accounting in a central hub.

Keep the wine and spirits flowing with Fishbowl for your bar inventory software and liquor inventory software needs.


Inventory software goes down smooth for liquor makers and sellers by helping them to:

  • Manage inventory and supplies
  • Track assets
  • Reorder essential items
  • Generate work orders
  • Maintain a schedule
  • Integrate with QuickBooks

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