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For a quick look at Fishbowl's products and services, or to see how Fishbowl's core products Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse can provide a great ROI for your business, please download a PDF using the download links.

To get a brief overview of Fishbowl's products, services and features, and to see the value Fishbowl can provide your business, take a look at the topics below. Fishbowl's products provide powerful solutions for a surprisingly affordable price.

fishbowl corporate brochure

Fishbowl Corporate Brochure

In Fishbowl's Corporate Brochure, you'll find a broad overview of Fishbowl, including all of its services and features. This Brochure includes testimonials from several satisfied Fishbowl customers, and information on the different training options to help you get acquainted with the software. You can also learn about Fishbowl's ROI Tool, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Merchant Services. Get started with Fishbowl right here!

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core product feature sheets

fishbowl manufacturing

Fishbowl Manufacturing® offers advanced manufacturing and inventory management features to put you in control of your production and order processes.

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fishbowl warehouse

Fishbowl Warehouse® offers advanced inventory management features to put you in control of your order process.

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satisfaction guarantee

Fishbowl offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you're not satisfied, Fishbowl will reimburse you for the full amount you paid for the software.

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fishbowl roi tool

The Fishbowl ROI Tool will help you calculate how much money you will save using Fishbowl and how quickly you will recoup the cost of the software.

See how Fishbowl will not only pay for itself in months, but will continue saving you money month after month.

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fishbowl case studies


Fishbowl saved Chung's the expense of adding three employees in the first year, and Chung's believes they will save even more on payroll in the years to come.

With Fishbowl and QuickBooks, Chung's was able to outsource their IT functions, resulting in an annual cost saving of $25,000.00

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filter filler

As a result of their Magento shopping cart integration, orders that are processed on the website are automatically pushed to the Fishbowl database, along with all the specifications and instructions for each filter.

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Fishbowl helped KidWind reduce their on-hand inventory costs from $270,000 to $80,000 - $100,000, allowing them to allocate more money to other essential areas of their business.

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stego industries

The increased efficiency realized by only entering data once and having Fishbowl organically manage inventory during its intuitive ordering and sales process has allowed Stego Industries' Fulfillment and Logistics department to work a total of 20 fewer man-hours per week.

"With these efficiencies, we've been able to focus on other areas of our operations, providing even more opportunities to find efficiencies and save time and money" says Joe Marks, Director of Operations at Stego Industries.

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quality pet products

Wholesale pet food distributor Quality Pet Products replaced multiple apps and saved 16 operational hours a day with Fishbowl Manufacturing.

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steps to literacy

After implementing Fishbowl, Steps To Literacy has reduced their workforce (and subsequently their payroll costs) by 20 percent while maintaining the same amount of business and projects, allowing them to take on new business.

Steps To Literacy has been doing a better job managing its inventory with the help of automatic reorder points and purchase orders, and has streamlined their processes and cut costs.

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mississippi state department of health

With the help of Fishbowl, MSDH was able to quickly set up inventory control in their emergency warehouse, assemble medical kits for nursing homes and hospitals, and streamline distribution to hospitals, nursing homes and ambulance services.

Mississippi has now become recognized as a national leader in operations related to receiving, distributing and dispensing Strategic National Stockpile assets.

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See how companies like yours have benefited from using Fishbowl to effectively control their inventories. In these Case Studies, you'll see how other small businesses have saved time and money by streamlining complex processes with Fishbowl.

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explore fishbowl white papers

advanced inventory management

This white paper examines the many features that businesses should look for in an inventory management solution.

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fishbowl - #1 with quickbooks

Fishbowl solutions integrate with QuickBooks and are the leading manufacturing and warehouse solutions for many industries.

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