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Inventory management is starting to go mobile. New inventory apps are making inventory management even more convenient for small and midsize businesses. Not only can you manage your warehouse using wireless barcode scanners, but now you can use iPhones and other smartphones to perform complex business tasks, such as managing multiple warehouses, optimizing inventory levels, and maintaining customer relationships. Having access to your data wherever you are lets you make sound business decisions quickly. In fulfillment and supply chain management, time is always of the essence and there are always deadlines. Let’s talk about how using an inventory app makes completing these tasks easier:

Multiple Warehouses


Inventory apps are beginning to emerge, which allow businesses to track inventory across multiple locations and ensure each warehouse or store is well-stocked with products for sale. Instead of being stuck at a desktop computer or having to lug around a laptop, warehouse managers can simply use their smartphones to check the status of orders, shipments, and other important pieces of data. Warehouses have become much more dynamic than in the past. Global supply chains also require more flexibility from multiple shipping options available now. Retail giants such as Amazon have strict fulfillment expectations with their customers and need accurate inventory levels and tight warehouse processes in place. Inventory apps need to be accessible and dynamic, in order for a warehouse location to operate that way.

Inventory Management


Making sure your business has the right amount of inventory is a 24/7 job. If everything is going according to plan, new customer orders are consistently coming in, and products are cycling through your inventory at a rapid pace. In order to stay on top of your fluctuating inventory management system, you should make use of an inventory app. That way, you can make sure you have the right amounts of products from virtually any location with an Internet connection. Your inventory data needs to be centralized and have real-time inventory levels to report. The fine balance of meeting demand, while not having excess inventory, needs to be struck. They only way to do this is to have historical and current data from an inventory app. This allows you to have some predictability to plan for the future and estimate re-order points. This is essential for retailers and wholesalers during the holiday season or any holidays for that matter. The last thing Walmart wants is tons of candy still on the shelves weeks after Halloween ended. Marking the prices down to sell eats into their profit margins and likely cause them to lose money.

Customer Relationships


Another useful function of inventory apps is their ability to keep track of customers’ information. As you work with more customers, you need to have a way of monitoring their progress, purchases and more. This helps you plan ahead for seasonal changes in demand, and it also allows you to tailor your marketing messages and discounts to match each customer’s preferences. Integrating your inventory data with customer data can have a direct impact on increasing future sales. If you have several products that are cross-sells and upsells, then you need to be able to track a customers’ purchase history. If you sell fishing equipment and a customer just bought a fishing rod, then you want them to immediately see offers on fishing reels, lures, and related fishing tackle. Having your inventory data and customer data integrated helps make this possible. This becomes business automation, which is turning warehouses into the smart warehouses of the future.

Inventory apps have the power to change the way you do business for the better. Fishbowl Anywhere is a new plugin that lets you use Fishbowl Manufacturing or Fishbowl Warehouse wherever you like. As long as the Fishbowl Server is installed on a PC, Mac, or Linux device, you can login to it from any device with Internet access.

Fishbowl Anywhere gives your salespeople, warehouse workers, and other decision makers greater flexibility and access to all features, functions, and inventory data when they need it most. Take Fishbowl for a test drive with a custom demo with one of our inventory specialists. Have the power to manage your inventory from the palm of your hand. Let’s make your warehouse a smart warehouse.


An inventory app can be accessed on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer that is connected to the Internet. This allows companies the flexibility to:

  • Manage multiple warehouses
  • Optimize inventory levels
  • Maintain customer relationships

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