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Counting, recording, and then recounting every item in your inventory over and over again, one by one, with the aid of a piece of paper and a pencil used to be the norm for businesses not too long ago. It is only in the last few decades that barcode technology went mainstream and allowed companies to do away with their more manual ways of tracking inventory. And now even startups, small businesses, and medium-sized businesses have access to the same inventory management features that the biggest corporations do! Seriously, you do not have to have a budget of millions of dollars to gain access to advanced inventory tracking features. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

In the past, stockouts, multiple entries, and bad data were not uncommon due to human error. When you have to enter data by hand (either typing it into a computer database via a keyboard or hand writing notes on a notepad), you should expect plenty of typos and other kinds of mistakes to be made simply because of the nature of that means of data entry. It was clear that the business world needed a quick, user-friendly alternative to track assets that eliminated the factor of “Is that a ‘b’ or a ‘6?’” Thus, Fishbowl was created.

Since Intuit created QuickBooks more than two decades ago, corporations all over the world have been relying on its accounting features to organize their finances and manage their incoming revenue and outgoing expenses. Just try and imagine balancing your books without the aid of this accounting software. It is a scary thought indeed. However, there are still many functions that the accounting program cannot do alone. That is because, by its very nature, it is not intended to do everything that a business needs. It is really good at one thing, which it specializes in, and so it makes sense that there would be an opportunity for another solution to fill in its gaps.

Intuit decided to outsource and open up its SDK to outside developers around the turn of the century. Fishbowl was one of the first to join by developing an inventory management solution that fully integrated with QuickBooks and could also be standalone software. Since Fishbowl started integrating with QuickBooks, it has achieved the highest ranking Intuit offers, which is called the Gold Developer status, and it has continued to be the No. 1 selling manufacturing and warehouse management software for QuickBooks.


Fishbowl is just what small and medium-sized businesses need: an efficient and affordable inventory management solution that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and that satisfies all of their inventory tracking needs. If you are looking for powerful Intuit inventory software, Fishbowl is the right solution for you! It allows you to perform all sorts of complex tasks in the warehouse and other parts of your business to keep your inventory optimized, organized, flowing, and working smoothly for you. Sign up for a free trial of Fishbowl today to see this software in action.


Fishbowl is the No. 1 selling inventory software for QuickBooks. Integrating Fishbowl with QuickBooks eliminates double data entry, significantly reduces the risk of typos and other data entry errors, and keeps a company’s accounting and inventory records on the same page.

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