Wine Inventory Management

Wine producers face many logistics challenges. There are vineyards to cultivate, grapes to harvest year after year, bottles to deliver, and, of course, customers to please. How can you make sure all of these tasks get done? A good way is to use wine inventory management software.

Wine inventory management software solves logistics issues and empowers you to stay in control of your business. By using manufacturing tools, warehouse management, barcode scanners, and a variety of other features found in Fishbowl, you can improve customer service, cut costs, and boost efficiency.

Fishbowl is a powerful inventory management solution that allows you to use a process manufacturing mode. With process manufacturing, you can monitor wine production using lists of ingredients and formulas instead of traditional work orders and bills of materials. Those are good for building products with lots of moving parts, but wine isn’t made that way. You can keep track of everything in your business when you have the right tools.

You can see an example of how Fishbowl will save you money and improve your ability to meet demand by reading this Prince Michel Vineyard & Winery case study.

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