Services Industry

Many service-oriented businesses don't think of themselves as inventory companies, but often have inventory that is necessary in delivering their services. This inventory can often be very expensive and represent a large capital investment that, if not tracked properly, results in lost and misplaced inventory, costing the company thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Fishbowl is an invaluable solution for companies like this. It allows you to track your assets from warehouse to trucks, right down to their final location, including a customer’s premises. Never lose track of a single piece of inventory or asset again.

Know exactly which assets are in use, where they are, and what inventory you still have available. To ensure you never lose a sale, set auto reorder levels in Fishbowl to make sure you are never out of stock. To better estimate the total cost of your services, add in any labor charges, if applicable, to capture all related costs in providing your services. This will also help in accurately pricing your services.

Fishbowl can even create Sales Orders with all the appropriate materials or assets necessary to provide your service and simultaneously update your inventory to reflect the sale. This in turn will allow Fishbowl to automatically create needed Purchase Orders.

Begin streamlining your business processes with Fishbowl, and rest comfortably knowing where everything is, and that all your transactions are transparently being tracked and accounted for in QuickBooks.

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