Retail and Point of Sale Solution

Sole Envy Case Study — Wouldn't it be nice if you knew exactly when and how much of your stock to reorder? Applying discounts, taxes, etc. to customer transactions, then applying the results to your database can be quite a pain if your system can't handle it well. Double data entry wastes several hours every day for companies that don't have an automated system. Another waste of time comes from waiting for needed items to complete a sale. What if you don't have a needed product in stock, but another branch does?

Fishbowl has a Point of Sale module that automates the reorder process, so you have the products when they are needed. Create unlimited pricing discounts and markups for specific products and product groups, or apply discounts and markups to individuals, customer groups, or all of your customers.

Every transaction that you do in Fishbowl will automatically be reflected in QuickBooks, so you will not waste time doing double data entry, and you can eliminate human error from transferring records. Just choose how often your QuickBooks files are to be updated, and Fishbowl will take care of the rest.

You can see inventory quantities in other stores at the push of a button, so if you're out of stock, quickly check other warehouses and request a transfer order to refill your depleted stock. Nothing is worse than losing sales because of an untimely outage; that's why Fishbowl will help you prevent inventory issues, to keep your business at optimal capacity.

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