Fishbowl Integrates with HubSpot

Fishbowl Integrates with HubSpot

Fishbowl integrates with HubSpot to push and pull quotes, sales orders, and invoices from one solution to the other. This aids in the order fulfillment process and keeps available inventory quantities and products up to date.

Benefits of Fishbowl's Integration With

Order Imports: Create SO’s in Fishbowl from quotes, SO’s, and invoices imported from HubSpot on a scheduled basis.

Order Exports: Map the order status and other fields in Fishbowl to HubSpot and then export quotes, SO’s, and invoices to HubSpot.

Product Imports: Create new products in Fishbowl from ones in HubSpot and also link existing products in both solutions.

Product Exports: Connect product numbers in Fishbowl to product names in HubSpot and more by exporting product data from Fishbowl.

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Better Automation Through Integration

Fishbowl integrates with all of these popular solutions and many more to help you automate your business processes across the board. Check out all of Fishbowl's integrated solutions by clicking the button below.

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