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Fishbowl is an ideal inventory solution for manufacturers, wholesale distributors, e-commerce companies, and many other types of businesses and organizations. Its manufacturing software and warehouse management software are scalable, so you can keep using them for many years instead of having to learn a new system every few years when you outgrow an old one.

Let Fishbowl do the work for you at a fraction of the cost of other ERP solutions by integrating it with every desktop version of QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online or Xero Online accounting.




Fishbowl Manufacturing offers small and midsize businesses (SMBs) the same features as the inventory solutions large businesses use, but for an affordable price.



Fishbowl Warehouse is an affordable inventory management solution for SMBs looking for comprehensive QuickBooks-integrated features.

Asset Tracking

asset tracking

Whether you're looking for the best QuickBooks-compatible software or a great deal on world-class asset tracking software, Fishbowl is the right solution for you.

better automation through integration

Fishbowl integrates with all of these popular solutions and many more to help you automate your business process across the board. Check out all of Fishbowl's integrated solutions by clicking the button below.

Well-known users of Fishbowl as a standalone asset tracking solution

In addition to its status as the #1 manufacturing and warehouse solution for QuickBooks users, Fishbowl is a great standalone tool for organizations seeking a powerful, yet extremely affordable, asset tracking solution.


Each and every Wednesday, Fishbowl covers a variety of important inventory topics in an easy-to-understand manner, with actionable information to incorporate into your own business.

Case Studies

What can Inventory Management Software do for you? See how everyday businesses are getting the most out of their products and processes with the help of Fishbowl.


This page is packed with Training Videos to help you master Fishbowl’s software, as well as Business Quick Tips to improve your business practices, and much more. Check it out!