Fishbowl Online Mobile Features

Manage Inventory from Your Smartphone or Tablet

  • Barcode Scanning. Scan item barcodes in seconds using your smartphone or tablet. No additional hardware required.
  • Scan from Your Phone. Perform key inventory tasks without having to go back to a computer. Scan barcodes, pick, pack, ship, receive shipments, place sales orders, and more.
  • iOS and Android. Fully compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Integrates with your Fishbowl Online account.
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The #1 inventory management software for QuickBooks for 20 years. Join thousands of customers across hundreds of industries.

High-Profile Users
High-Profile Users
High-Profile Users
Phone as a barcode scanner

Phone as a Barcode Scanner

Barcode-driven actions like picking, packing, and shipping are the lifeblood of any warehousing or manufacturing business. Fishbowl Mobile connects to your phone or tablet’s camera so you can scan item barcodes anywhere in the warehouse, without having to go back to a computer. No additional scanners or hardware required.

Sales Order Creation

Let everyone create a sales order directly from their phone and get the picking process started. Keep everything recorded and updated. Speed up order fulfillment.

Create Sales Orders
Shipping integration


Easily compare shipping quotes and find the cheapest option. Automatically alert the selected carrier about a package waiting for pickup, and trigger an email to the customer with an ETA and shipping details.


Receive inventory as it comes off the truck, make adjustments to quantities being received, and enter tracking information in real time. Receive parts with serial numbers, lot numbers, revision levels and expiration dates.

Fishbowl Mobile even suggests where to place your incoming inventory, helping your employees become even more efficient.