Fishbowl Cloud Hosting

Powerful, Scalable, and Secure Cloud Hosting for Your Inventory

  • Access Data Anywhere. Get full access to your inventory data, such as inventory count, inventory levels, etc., in real time from any computer or smartphone with an Internet connection.
  • Infrastructure Savings. No server or maintenance costs. Scale up whenever you need it without the cost, delay, or hassle of needing additional hardware.
  • Security. Keep data secure with advanced security protocols. We use dedicated servers with automatic backups and 99.98% uptime.
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Fishbowl Cloud Based Inventory Management Software

The #1 cloud-based inventory management software for QuickBooks for 20 years. Join thousands of customers across hundreds of industries.

High-Profile Users
High-Profile Users
High-Profile Users
Access Fishbowl Online anywhere

Access Anywhere

Because all of your data is stored remotely, you never have to be on site in order to access your inventory software. All you need is an app or Web browser with Internet connection, and you'll be able to log into your inventory software. Everything is updated in real time, so no matter where you are, you're working with up-to-the-minute information. This makes inventory tracking more accurate but also more timely.

Data Security

Most cloud based inventory management software providers cut costs by forcing multiple companies to share the same server. This often creates a number of problems, such as a lack of connectivity, bandwidth, and security. With Fishbowl, you get a dedicated server with automatic backups that can be easily restored to prevent data loss in the event of a hardware failure or malware exploit. All of your data is stored with advanced security protocols that you can access at any time.

Data security
No hardware

No New Hardware

With Fishbowl’s cloud-based solution, you don’t have to purchase any new hardware in order to perform inventory functions. Using your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to do everything from barcode scanning to picking, packing, shipping, receiving, and more.