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Wholesale Distribution Customer Spotlight

Wholesale and Distribution Customer Spotlight

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Read about some of the Wholesale Distributors that use Fishbowl below. Also, click on their logos to visit their websites.

North Park Fulfillment

North Park Distribution & Fulfillment

For more than 25 years, North Park Distribution & Fulfillment has been helping companies with their warehouse, supply chain, fulfillment, and other business needs. Using the latest technology and equipment, North Park is able to handle both simple and complex logistical tasks for a variety of business types. Their professional staff members are well-trained on industry best practices. To learn more about North Park, visit their website: www.npdist.com.

Palmer Wholesale

Palmer Wholesale

Palmer Wholesale specializes in selling kitchenware and appliances to retail stores. They do not sell products directly to end users. Their product line includes dining utensils, pots, pans, blenders, rice cookers, home-canning tools, emergency-preparedness kits, and much more. Visit Palmer Wholesale’s website www.palmerwholesale.com to browse their products and either register as a qualified retailer or, if you’re a consumer, find a nearby store that carries their products.

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