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Courage Above Mountains, LLC facilitates the CAM Center, an incubator created to support businesses and uplift individuals. The mission of the CAM Center is to help grow the U.S. economy one business at a time. It also houses the CAM Foundation, which is the heart of the center. The foundation is devoted to serving individuals who wish to elevate their marketable skills.

CAM Partners

The CAM Center is the product of many organizations pooling their resources to provide "Out of the Box" business solutions, which include:

  • Financial - Fishbowl, Intuit, QuickBooks, FB GAAP Distance Training, Zions Bank
  • Marketing Communications - Snapp Conner PR
  • Information Technologies - Voonami, FB IT Services, Think Atomic, ClearOS
  • People Programs - Cerva Browning Quinn & Co, John Hancock, Kelly Services, FB Football Inspirational Leadership, Canyon Park Technology Center

Computing Training and Certification Services

The CAM Center is the first company to offer QuickBooks certification to help people master the popular accounting software. It also offers:

  • Basic computing courses
  • Internet Core and Computing Certifications (IC3)
  • Microsoft, Adobe and AutoDesk programs
  • Specially priced services designed to help small businesses grow
  • Microloans and other funding sources
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