Computer Inventory Software

Modern computers continue to evolve and expand their capabilities. Because of their ever-changing nature and continually improving accessibility to the masses, computers have become a staple for businesses and consumers alike. And no other industry faces such an urgent need to keep current or fall behind as the computer industry. Technology changes so swiftly that tech companies must always stay on their toes and be nimble to keep up with new trends. Don’t let your business methods limit your processing potential.

Fishbowl wants to provide your business or organization with powerful inventory control software, adding greater ease, automation, and speed to your workflow. Here are some of the advanced features and positive effects that you can expect as you put computer inventory software to work in your business.

Keep Your Stock Running

You constantly have inventory items coming and going from your various warehouses and other locations, and it is important to always stay on top of them.

  • Track every part and piece, even kitting and custom assemblies
  • Access part info, manufacture date, and purchase history
  • Inventory reflects work orders, returns, purchases, and outgoing deliveries


Set up the inventory management software to fit your specific needs and then watch as it automates previously difficult and time-consuming processes. Not only will this save time, but it will also boost the accuracy of your inventory records.

  • Software automatically purchases certain goods at levels you set
  • Automatic work orders eliminate needless downtime
  • Customizable auto-backups keeps your information safe

Monitor Sales

You have a lot of options in Fishbowl to monitor sales and make sure the right financial data finds its way to QuickBooks and the right products find their way to your customers.

  • Configurable tax rates can accommodate all customers
  • Drop ship options keep you involved with your customers
  • Variable tracking and customer payment terms

Stay Mobile

With our inventory management system, you can use barcode scanners and other wireless devices to significantly speed up cycle counting, picking, reordering, and other important processes in the warehouse.

  • A wireless inventory device keeps all info on hand and is easy to use
  • Pick, pack, and ship orders without needing to log redundant data into the system
  • Batch exporting cuts time spent on repetitive processes


You can keep a close eye on your costs and watch for places in the manufacturing process where you can improve further.

  • Available-to-build calculations tell you what you can do with what you have in stock
  • Cost projections give the data you need to make informed business choices
  • Shipping and receiving is tracked and can update via software or email


Fishbowl offers third-party server hosting, integrations with dozens of other business solutions, and more to keep your inventory data safe and secure.

  • All your data is stored and ready to access, generating reports for any need
  • QuickBooks integration means your asset inventory and accounting are unified and easy to access
  • Access to vendor, customer, and equipment history provides insights into trends

Other features of our software solution:

  • Asset management
  • Asset tracking
  • Asset inventory
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • Connected devices network

With Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse, you can stay on the cutting edge of inventory management software that will be a boon to your business. Automate your day-to-day processes while drastically reducing your bottom line.

TL;DR Summary

Inventory software helps computer companies to:

  • Keep their stock running
  • Automate business processes
  • Monitor sales
  • Go mobile
  • Manufacture goods
  • Integrate with other business solutions

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