Why Fishbowl On-Sites Are Worth It

March 28, 2017
On-site training is a great way to get started with Fishbowl’s software and ensure your whole team is on the same page with its numerous features. During an on-site, a Fishbowl technician comes to your office/warehouse and teaches you one on one how to use the software. Here are three reasons why Fishbowl on-sites are worth it:

Fishbowl on-sites are worth it, Fishbowl Blog1. Train Multiple Workers on the Software at the Same Time

Rather than having your warehouse workers and other employees individually call Fishbowl’s support staff and attempt to get the training they need, you should consider having a Fishbowl expert come to you and train everyone at the same time. This offers a big advantage. Fishbowl’s training experts can get you up and running, and make sure all of your staff gets the training they need, instead of doing it piecemeal.

2. Get In-Depth Answers to Questions

It’s not always easy to get the answers you need over the phone or via emails and online chat. With someone who’s extremely familiar with the software in the same room, you can delve deeply into Fishbowl and both see and hear the answers to your questions.

3. Get Personalized Training

Fishbowl produces a lot of training videos and it has an extensive library of informational content in its Wiki to answer your Fishbowl-related questions. But those are deliberately kept as general possible to make sure they can speak to businesspeople in a variety of industries. If you really want to get into the nitty-gritty details of how Fishbowl works specifically for your business, you’re better off scheduling an on-site and getting training tailored to best suit you.

Get on It

Learn more about Fishbowl on-sites by clicking the link. And sign up for one by simply calling 1-800-774-7085 ext. 3 or emailing support [at] fishbowlinventory.com. Doing this is well worth your time.