What Makes Fishbowl Different Than Other Companies

April 25, 2012
I recently visited the website of a company that I know to be a bit dishonest. I found a lot of big, bold promises, like “Save money with our services!” and “You can’t afford not to work with us!” I realized that anyone can say that if you buy their product, you’ll enjoy incredible benefits, but few can back up that claim with actual data and customer testimonials. Fish swimming against the current, Fishbowl Inventory BlogIn today’s high-pressure world where it seems like everyone is scrambling to get you to spend money as quickly as possible before you have a chance to really reason it out in your mind, it’s refreshing to talk to a company like Fishbowl. We don’t just tell you our product is great and you should buy it right now; we show you clear evidence of what it can do for your business. Fishbowl has many resources to help you see the value of its inventory management software, and I’ll focus on two: Fishbowl’s ROI Tool and case studies.

ROI Tool

Fishbowl’s ROI Tool allows you to see exactly how much time and money you will save by using Fishbowl Inventory before you even buy the software. Simply plug in some information about your finances and the way you currently do business, and the ROI Tool will show you how quickly Fishbowl Inventory will pay for itself and continue saving you money month after month.

Case Studies

Fishbowl has been in business for more than 10 years, and we’ve accumulated quite a few success stories in that time. Manufacturers, wholesale distributors, retailers and other businesses have seen big improvements in their operations by using Fishbowl Inventory. You should to check out these companies’ experiences in our Case Studies section to see specific ways of how Fishbowl can help you. At Fishbowl, we encourage you to study our software and make a decision that is right for your business. We offer a generous return policy, in-depth training tools, and many other things to resolve any concerns you might have. So take a minute to use our ROI Tool, read through our case studies, and sign up for a free trial of Fishbowl Inventory to see how powerful our software can be for your business.