There’s a Fishbowl Report for That – Part 3

September 11, 2015
These reports are the tip of the iceberg of what Fishbowl can do, Fishbowl BlogWe’re back for another big helping of Fishbowl reports. In the last few weeks, we’ve covered 24 reports, ranging from barcode printing to manufacture order summaries. Fishbowl’s reports are designed to help with many aspects of inventory management, including picking, cycle counting, rotating inventory, complying with government regulations, and more. Let’s see what we have in store this week by delving into eight more useful reports:

Product UPC Label – Avery

This report is very similar to the other UPC label reports, except that this one is specifically for products, and it’s not based on a receipt. It prints a full page of UPC labels, including the appropriate product number, name, and price onto an Avery 8160 label sheet.

Product UPC Label – One-Off

Once more, this is just like the Product UPC Label report except that it prints a single UPC at a time on a 2” x 1” label.

Production Demand Report

How much inventory do you need to handle your current production demand? This report tells you that, going into detail on every work order you have recently created in order to help you figure out which parts are on hand and which ones are short, so you can reorder them.

Production Duration

Similar to the Production Demand Report, this report not only shows what quantities are required to complete work orders, but it also shows start and finish dates and estimated and actual durations. This helps companies plan how much time it will take to finish each work order.

Reverse Lot History

This report drills down into the history of a lot number, detailing everything done to it from the time it was first used to the present time.

Sales by Month Graph

Total monthly sales are displayed in a bar graph, line graph, or pie chart in this report. It’s a helpful tool to visually represent how much progress a company is making over time.

Sales Receipt for 4” x 6” Label

This report lets you print a standard receipt as a 4” x 6” label. It includes everything you’d expect from a receipt, such as the name of the product being sold, its price and quantity, and the tax amount, among other things.

Turnover Ratio

Would you like to know how long you keep inventory in your warehouse before selling it? This report calculates this, showing you your Turnover Ratio by quantity and by cost.

The Tip of the Iceberg

These reports are the tip of the iceberg of what Fishbowl can do. They certainly augment its ability to track your inventory and perform other complex procedures. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by everything that you can accomplish with Fishbowl. I should also note that these reports aren’t automatically included in Fishbowl’s software because no one would possibly need every one of them. It’s better to simply pick and choose which ones you will find most useful to your business and not have to worry about any irrelevant or potentially duplicate ones. Visit the Fishbowl Store to get the most out of Fishbowl with the aid of these more than 30 reports.