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4 FREE iPad Apps for Manufacturing Businesses

Here are four free iPad apps that manufacturing businesses will find very useful. They help with shipping, analytics, and more. Continue reading

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New Inventory App Brings Fishbowl to Smartphones and Tablets

Fishbowl is going mobile thanks to a new inventory application for smartphones and tablets, and it’s getting some positive results. The company recently created the Fishbowl Developer Network to allow third-party developers to work with Fishbowl’s code and build new … Continue reading

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How Product Lifecycles Affect Inventory Management

Just when you thought managing inventory was challenging enough, something else gets added to the equation to make it even more complex: Product lifecycles. That’s right. It’s not enough to just have the right number of products in stock; you … Continue reading

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Follow Fishbowl on Facebook to Win a Free iPad!

Want to win a free Apple product? Fishbowl is holding a new contest to give away an iPad, iPod Touch and iPod Nano to three of our Facebook fans. You can join this contest by visiting Fishbowl’s Facebook page, hitting … Continue reading

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