Rain or Shine, the Fishbowl Day of Service Goes on

June 19, 2015
On Friday, June 5, 2015, the 7th annual Fishbowl Day of Service took place outdoors in the Cascade Springs park area, up near Sundance.

Rain or Shine

The stream at the Cascade Springs looks much clearer after Fishbowl employees removed the watercress, Fishbowl BlogIn Utah, we usually have snowy winters and then dry springs. But this year has been quite the opposite. Winter was mostly free of snowstorms while the past few weeks saw numerous torrential rainstorms. So as we approached the Day of Service there was a little concern that the crazy weather would continue. The week leading up to this event was warm and sunny, but on Friday the rain returned. Did a little rain stop the Day of Service? No, sir! Rain or shine, the Fishbowl Day of Service went on. As it turned out, the rain only lasted for a couple of hours and then the sun came out for the rest of the day.

Bucket Brigade

Dozens of Fishbowl employees and their family members went up into the mountains and hiked down to a stream that was covered in watercress. We set up a bucket brigade with a string of people reaching more than a hundred feet. We had people pulling watercress out of the stream all the way to ones pouring the watercress into a truck on top of a hill. It was an arduous task, but it was definitely worth it. The water was pretty mucked up with weeds when we got there, but by the time we left it was looking much clearer.

A Nicer Place

The Fishbowl Day of Service is our chance to make our community a nicer place to live and work in. It’s a wonderful tradition that will most likely continue for many years to come.