Warehouse Genius: How to Keep All Your Records Organized

Keep your warehouse data organized, Fishbowl BlogRecordkeeping can be a tedious task to have to perform. Searching for files, updating files and keeping them organized so that nothing is out of place sometimes gets a little overwhelming. Every day, people look for simple solutions to data organization problems; yet, it seems that the record filing procedures around your warehouse have serious issues. Here are a few methods for better organizing your warehouse records. Continue reading

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Red Tape Barriers All New Businesses Have to Face

Starting a new business involves going through a lot of red tape, Fishbowl BlogMany of today’s entrepreneurs find themselves in a constant battle against the corrosive realities of bureaucracy and red tape. While they try to focus on their strategic plans, new startup business managers often spend precious time struggling to keep up to date with ever-shifting regulatory requirements.

What follows is an examination of some of the many red-tape barriers that new business owners will sooner or later face and how to prepare for them. Continue reading

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Taking Stock of Your Business: How to Improve Your Budget

Improve your company's budget so you won't break the bank, Fishbowl BlogUnless you run a nonprofit, the main goal of your business is to generate income and create profit. But many companies overlook an important part of generating revenue, and don’t pay enough attention to their budget. While bringing in more money is one way to improve profit margins, cutting your budget will also help, and will contribute to the overall success of your business.

Many business leaders only think short term when considering budget cuts, which is a mistake. This can result in losing money in the long term. Thus, it is vital you look at the big picture before making a final decision. Continue reading

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Is Fishbowl FDA Compliant?

Is Fishbowl FDA compliant? Fishbowl BlogIs Fishbowl FDA compliant? Or, more precisely, is Fishbowl compliant with Title 21 CFR Part 11 of the Code of Federal Regulations, which constitutes the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations over electronic records and signatures?

Quite a mouthful, I know.

This is a question we frequently hear from companies that manufacture medical devices, medicine, biotechnology, and other products that fall under the FDA’s influence.

While the question “Is Fishbowl FDA compliant?” is nice and simple, the answer is quite complex. The problem with trying to definitively answer yes or no is twofold: Continue reading

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Fishbowl’s New Online Products Are a Huge Leap for Inventory Control

Fishbowl is offering new online manufacturing and warehouse management solutions, Fishbowl BlogExciting things are afoot at Fishbowl! The news release “Fishbowl Kicks Off Its Leap Year with New Products, Explosive Growth” outlines the new plugins and online products that are going to have huge ripple effects on the way small and midsize businesses approach inventory management.

You should check that out. But I’d also like to go into even more detail on the things that news release briefly touches upon right here on the Fishbowl Blog. Continue reading

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21st Century Biz: How to Maximize Profits in the Modern Era

Maximize profits in business by following a few important steps, Fishbowl BlogIt could be said that one of the reasons many businesses aren’t profitable is because making a business profitable isn’t very exciting. It often involves rather arcane things like spreadsheets, shaving a few cents a unit off manufacturing, making sure the temperature is set right, and so forth. It may also explain why so many businesses fail.

Profitability is not optional, especially in a small business. Here are some ways a 21st century business can maximize its profits in a difficult and challenging economy. Continue reading

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Fishbowl’s Full Functionality Is Now Available Online!

Fishbowl Anywhere is a revolutionary new tool that gives Fishbowl customers access to the complete Fishbowl desktop solution on any device. Continue reading

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Meet Fishbowl’s New COO!

John David King is the new COO of Fishbowl, Fishbowl BlogJohn David King is the new Chief Operating Officer at Fishbowl!

For years, JD (as he is affectionately known among his fellow Fishbowl employees) has served as the company’s Vice President of Sales. He managed the day-to-day needs of the internal sales team while also working closely with every department within Fishbowl to promote and drive software sales. Continue reading

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Secrets to Getting the Best Security Systems for Your Business

Security systems are extremely important to keep your inventory safe, Fishbowl BlogA good business owner wants to have the most effective security system to protect their investment, and there are a number of considerations to take into account when choosing the right type of security system. Everything from the location of the business, type of business, level of security required, access control, and more must be looked at in order to find the right tools to protect your assets and inventory. Continue reading

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Startup Checklist: What Your Business Needs to Begin Strong

Give your business everything it needs to grow right from the start, Fishbowl BlogLaunching your business requires that you focus and pay attention to every detail. You must make sure that you have satisfied every last requirement of successful entrepreneurship to help your company not only get off the ground, but also survive well into the future. As you prepare to start your own business, you should include these important steps on your business startup checklist. Continue reading

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