Manage Inventory on the Go with Fishbowl Go

February 22, 2017
Fishbowl Go is a mobile app for warehouse management, Fishbowl BlogFishbowl Go is an app that lets you scan UPCs and other barcodes for a number of jobs and then automatically transfer that data over to Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse through its seamless integration with them. You can access it on mobile computers, smartphones, and tablets. This frees you up to move about your warehouse(s) away from a desktop computer. Fishbowl Go helps in two main ways:
  • Improve Efficiency – Fishbowl Go saves a lot of time by allowing you to scan product barcodes and send the information right where it needs to go. This speeds up picking, packing, shipping, receiving, cycle counting, and many other order and warehouse management processes.
  • Reduce Errors – Picking incorrect items when fulfilling orders is a common mistake that costs businesses a lot of money. When they scan to pick parts for an order, these errors go away. Scanning items’ barcodes significantly reduces the chances of typos and other mistakes finding their ways into your data.
Here is a list of Fishbowl Go’s features, and an explanation of how they improve your efficiency and reduce errors when you fulfill orders: 1. Pick – View pick tickets on a mobile device so you don’t need to print out physical pick tickets. 2. Pack – Check the dimensions and sizes of boxes and cartons, as well as the items being packed into them. 3. Ship – After an order is packed, packed, shipped to its destination, you can mark it as shipped in Fishbowl. 4. Receive – Scan the barcodes of incoming items to ensure they are accurately recorded in your inventory records. 5. Move – Transfer as many parts and products as you want between warehouses and other locations without having to record a sale. 6. Cycle – Scan barcodes to conduct cycle counts and instantly and accurately update Fishbowl’s inventory quantities. 7. Part – Display all sorts of inventory information, such as part numbers, descriptions, images, quantities, and tracking numbers on mobile computers. 8. Work Order – As work orders progress and get completed, you can record the resulting changes to your quantities of finished goods and raw materials. 9. Delivery – Ensure shipments are received at the right time and place by having recipients give their timestamped signatures for them. Get Fishbowl Go and see how fast your order management will go!