How to Use Fishbowl’s Calendar Module

February 28, 2017
It’s time to talk about calendars! The Calendar module is found in Fishbowl’s General module group. There are quite a few features and options you’ll find in the Calendar module, and here are a few of the major ones:
  • Add a new event to the calendar by clicking the New button, right-clicking on a day, or hitting the CTRL + N keys.
  • Switch the calendar view to show a single day, five days, one week, or one month.
  • Send emails to the appropriate people to notify them about upcoming events or previous events that haven’t been finished yet.
  • Print a complete list of calendar events over a certain period of time.
  • There’s a How To button in the module that you can click to go to the Fishbowl Wiki to find answers to your questions about the Calendar module.
  • Refresh the calendar to see updates from other users.
There are plenty of other Calendar module features covered in the video above, so check it out! It’s definitely worth your time.