How to Connect a Client to the Fishbowl Server

May 4, 2015
This is the third in this series of videos about how to get started with Fishbowl. Today we’re going to learn how to connect a Fishbowl client to the server and database.

Connecting the Client and Server

Connecting the client to the server is actually quite simple. First, open the Fishbowl client and type in your username and password. Then go down to the Server Address and click the magnifying glass icon on the right. This will start a search on your local network to find the Fishbowl server. When the search is complete, it will populate the textbox with the proper database name and the server’s IP address. If you’re using a server-hosting service, such as Fishbowl Hosted Services, it’ll be a little more complex. You’ll need to talk to your IT department or provider and plug in the Server Address and Server Port they provide you with. And then just click the login button and you should be all connected.

Next Video: Navigating the Client

Here are the two previous videos in this series: Next week we’ll talk about how to find your way around the client. See you then!