Fishbowl Wins Red Herring North America Award

May 30, 2012
On May 23, 2012, Fishbowl was named one of Red Herring’s top 100 businesses in North America. This is a big deal! Hundreds of companies compete to make it onto this list each year, and only a few make the final cut. Red Herring is a global media company that runs a popular magazine, daily news service, technology newsletters, and big events for companies around the world. They are one of the biggest names in high-tech business, so it says a lot that Fishbowl just earned this accolade from them. Red Herring invited 200 companies from all over North America to come to a three-day event and give a 15-minute presentation about what made them unique and worthy of being one of Red Herring’s 100 best businesses. Fishbowl CEO David Williams got up and stole the show with this incredible presentation: Winning this award was a real team effort. First of all, everyone in the company has worked hard for the past 10 years to build this company into something that warrants national (and even international) attention. I interviewed several leaders and put together the initial application, Kirk Tanner and Rick Weiss (our CMO and Head Designer, respectively) created the incredible presentation above, and then our CEO got up and gave an awesome speech that put Fishbowl onto the final list. Fishbowl continues to win awards for its business model, leaders and more. When it comes down to it, these awards showcase what a great job we’re doing to take care of our customers. We’ll keep doing our best to build a better business so we can help other businesses succeed through our