Fishbowl President Speaks on Women’s Radio Show

August 29, 2012
On August 26, 2012, Fishbowl President Mary Michelle Scott made her first appearance on “A Woman’s View with Amanda Dickson” on KSL Radio in Salt Lake City. She was joined by Donna Jones Morris, Utah State Librarian; and Olga de la Cruz, Director of Corporate Relations with the Boys and Girls Club of South Valley. Fishbowl President Mary Michelle Scott, Fishbowl Inventory BlogMary successfully navigated some pretty touchy subjects, like national politics and women’s access to golf clubs. It’s pretty incredible that she did such a great job handling whatever was thrown at her. I would have been a little nervous, but she just sounds like her usual confident self the whole way through. She managed to bring the conversation up rather than wallowing in some of the negative stories in the news. It wasn’t all politics and hard-hitting issues, though. Mary got to lighten things up by talking about her experience living on the Navajo Nation, and which book she’s currently reading.

Click the link above and check out these show highlights:

5:47 – Mary introduces herself and talks a little about Fishbowl Inventory. 25:03 – Mary gives her take on the 2012 presidential election. 34:40 – Mary shares her thoughts on the Augusta National Golf Club opening up to Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore. 40:23 – See which book Mary recommends. 47:30 – Mary offers hope to parents who are sending their children to college, and she has other nice parenting tips. You can see a part of the radio interview in this video, as well.