Fishbowl Offers Mobility When You Need It

April 13, 2021
Fishbowl's mobile inventory control offers mobility when you need it, Fishbowl Blog

Mobile inventory control1 is exactly what small and medium-size businesses need to succeed in this challenging economic environment. Imagine enjoying mobile access to crucial inventory data, speedier inventory tasks, increasingly efficient warehouse workers, and no more double data entry. These are a few of the benefits of having mobility when you need it in the warehouse. We’ll talk more about those benefits and how you can start using mobile inventory control in your warehouse with the aid of Fishbowl and its app, Fishbowl Go.

Mobile Access to Inventory Data

With a mobile setup, you get to see your inventory data from any location you can access the Internet. Whether you’re in the office, warehouse, store, or at home, you can generate purchase orders, sales orders, transfer orders, and perform other vital functions just the same. This is the most obvious advantage of mobile inventory control. But there are a lot of corresponding benefits that fit in this category, as well.

Advanced security features and user rights restrict access to authorized personnel only. Server-maintenance issues and software updates are handled for you, so you can focus on more-important things. Plus, you have the option to use your mobile devices as barcode scanners and/or purchase specialized barcode scanners for highly technical jobs.

Speedier Inventory Tasks

Mobile inventory control makes all sorts of inventory tasks faster. For example, do you know how long it takes to pick all of the items to fulfill a sales order? Of course, it depends on the sales order, but the point is that it would be much quicker if you could combine multiple picks into one. Then your workers would get a lot more done in a single pass through the warehouse.

These are called batch picks, and they’re a snap with mobile inventory control. So are cycle counts, which can be done with a barcode scanner to instantly update your inventory records. Automatic reorder points allow you to stay on top of stockouts and maintain healthy inventory levels. Basically, every job in the warehouse is easier with the right mobile tools.

Fishbowl Go is a powerful mobile app, Fishbowl Blog

More-Efficient Warehouse Workers

Not only does the work get simpler with mobile inventory control, but your warehouse workers become empowered to boost their efficiency. With the scan of a barcode, they can receive incoming shipments, reconcile orders when items are missing or arrive damaged, and retrieve part information to find out exactly where to put everything away by its aisle, shelf, and bin number.

Increased efficiency isn’t limited to the receiving process. Workers can also use barcode scanners, smartphones, and tablets to generate purchase orders for low-quantity items and scrap items that are unusable. Plus, administrators have the ability to grant user rights to each employee and assign tasks to ensure everyone knows their job and what schedule they’re expected to keep.

No More Double Data Entry

Double data entry occurs when you record certain numbers and other information in one solution and then do it again in another. This is common when small businesses use Excel spreadsheets or other manual means to manage their inventory. If, for example, your accounting software doesn’t integrate with your inventory management software, you’ll have to enter the same data twice to keep them in sync. It’s easy to make a mistake when doing that. Even the smallest typo could lead to disastrous results.

Prevent errors and maintain accurate inventory data by eliminating manual data entry as much as possible. Mobile inventory control is a great way to accomplish that. Integrations with ecommerce platforms, shippers, accounting software, payment processors, and many other solutions enables you to automatically update all of your solutions with the same information, instead of having to do it one by one.

Now You Know Why You Need Mobile Inventory Control

Mobile inventory control opens up new opportunities for your business to be more efficient and productive. Fishbowl Go is an integrated app available on both Android and iOS devices, which gives you all of the features we discussed above, plus many more. Sign up for an online demo of Fishbowl today to see how it gives you access to mobility when you need it.