Fishbowl’s Massive New Software Release Is Here

November 6, 2014
Fishbowl 2015 is a massive new software release that is now finally available! Fishbowl is launching a redesigned version of its inventory management software, Fishbowl BlogHere are the main new features you will find in this year’s update of Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse: The user interface has been redesigned with all-new module and toolbar icons. Software speed and capacity have increased. Users can generate purchase orders for required items on manufacture orders. Custom fields can now be created based on user rights to ensure orders are issued by the right users. Work orders now display lead times for out-of-stock parts. Orders can be partially fulfilled as you wait for short line items to be restocked. The New Part Wizard has been simplified to make it easier to enter the information you want for new parts. A new Data module allows SQL queries to run against the database and export to CSV and XLS. Sales orders will now show profit margins and costs of products. Users can now be assigned all user rights or limited user rights across every module. Fishbowl automatically refreshes so if multiple users are viewing the same order, they can see each other’s changes. To ensure FIFO picking, Fishbowl allows inventory to be automatically committed to orders when it comes in. Picks are now color-coded in green, yellow, and red to make it clear to users if they are in stock, on back order, or out of stock.

See These Features in Action

Come to Fishbowl’s open house on November 18, 2014 and see for yourself how these new features work. Get your questions answered by Fishbowl’s software developers and enjoy free JDawgs!