Fishbowl Leaders Earn vSpring Award and Help Utah Businesses Grow

April 16, 2012
Fishbowl CEO David Williams and President Mary Scott recently announced that Fishbowl is sponsoring a new initiative called Grow America to help small businesses get off the ground. Grow America is starting in Utah this year, and its organizers plan to expand it nationwide later on.

Grow America Lives Up to Its Name

Grow America logo, Fishbowl Inventory BlogWilliams and Scott are excited to be a part of Grow America because they share the belief that big economic changes come about by changing people for the better. Grow America’s core idea is that entrepreneurs need access to the right people, knowledge and resources to become successful. So it strives to bring together successful business leaders, like Williams and Scott, and struggling startup owners to see how they can lift each other higher. Grow America offers entrepreneurs and startups five primary resources:
  • Competitions for prizes
  • Ecommerce tools
  • Learning resources
  • Community service
  • Charitable giving

How Fishbowl Is Helping Grow America

This year, Grow America will hold a competition in which it will give $1 million in cash, products and services to one lucky small business. Williams will be on the panel that judges the entries and decides which one is the most deserving of this big prize. In addition, he and Scott are donating a free copy of Fishbowl Enterprise to the winner.

Fishbowl’s Service Streak

Fishbowl’s involvement in Grow America isn’t the first time it has given back to the community. For the past several years, the company has sponsored an annual Fishbowl Day of Service in which it closes down its offices and every employee gives their time, labor and expertise to a worthy cause, like a women’s shelter or elementary school. Because of their impressive leadership and focus on service, Williams and Scott are being included on vSpring’s list of the Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs in the country in 2012. They have been honored many times in the past for their leadership skills and business success. As they rise, they feel a duty to bring others with them. That’s part of what makes their company Fishbowl so great.